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Auto transport quotes, vehicle trucking, auto transport rates,car transportation services,auto transporter,auto carrier is what uShip falls under for transporting your Corvette.

Founded in 2003 and launched in 2004 uShip has become the world’s largest and most trusted transportation marketplace, primarily serving the freight industry in transporting household goods, large items, atvs, motorcycles, boats and vehicle trucking markets. Consumers and businesses can compare and get several quick upfront quotes, name their own price or receive auction-style bids from 300,000 customer-reviewed Transportation Service Providers, ranging from independent owner-operators to the largest freight carriers and brokers.

Remember: When carriers have empty space in their trucks, they use uShip to fill it at deeply discounted rates.

uShip acts a a reliable, trusted  mediator between you and the transporter to help insure you get the lowest costs and best services for any type of shipping freight. However, this article is about shipping your coveted Corvette to you when you can't go get it yourself.  Hundreds of people purchase their Corvettes from eBay or another area of sellers and then need it transported to their home.

UShip delivered our 1976 Corvette which was needing restoration from Pennsylvania to MO in an open truck after buying it on eBay. The cost was less than $700 to $1300 in quotes to compare.  We could have requested an enclosed trailer to deliver it, but since it was in need of painting and restoration anyway why spend the little extra for an enclosed at the time.

But that is not always the case when you have purchased a restored Corvette or Classic Car. That brings me to my Americas Corvette articles point. When you want to auto transport your Corvette you need to make sure you ask if it is going to be transported in an open or enclosed trailer depending upon your preferences. uShip has been featured in CNBC, Washington Post, Business Weeks and a number of other media. They have a scrolling log of reviews and satisfied customers.

They are BBB recognized, have eBay dealings and are a trusted network on the Internet as an auto transport company.

One satisfied customer stated:


I needed to get a ‘65 Corvette from Florida to upstate New York. A friend told me about uShip, so I tried it. Shipping bids came in fast and steady and in the end I got exactly the type of auto transport company I was looking for at a fair price. There were no surprises. My provider did exactly what he said he would do and there were no hidden charges. I will be using uShip again!

– Kirk D., Ogdensburg, N.Y testimonials-2 corvette


That is some of what Americas Corvette is here to to help you with. Find your Parts at the lowest prices, purchase Corvettes from the best sources and offer vehicle trucking from the best carriers. So when you are ready to buy a Corvette, Classic car or any other product from eBay remember to contact uShip and get several trust worthy quotes when you need them.


Use this handy calculator to get some idea of your cost then click the Banner ad and provide more detailed information at the uShip web site if you need to do so.

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