Corvette Bumpers and Fiberglass corvette bumpers

Looking Back at History 427 Corvette

Tweet 427 Corvette for $6000 In 1967 at age 16 I was just wanting a car. Any car. Some thing to drive.  Dad finally signed for me one which was a 1963 Ford Falcon with the straight line six at about $450.00. It was a two door green and I kept that shined and ...

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Corvette Videos

TweetThere are those times we have to release the youth in us, pump up the adrenaline and share the fun of owning a Corvette.   Asphalt Ribbon with Unlimited Power:       The Caressing of a 1960 Corvette:       1960 CORVETTE from...

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Material & Tools

TweetCorvette Material & Tools 1) 2 part Epoxy The two part epoxy is sold in 2 small tubes and or in larger qualities made by several companies. One of the major ones is 3m who provides two joined, separated tubes of compound. You have to purchase the disp...

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When in Bowling Green KT you have to see the Corvette Museum & Assembly Plant.

We recently visited the Bowing Green Corvette Museum & then the Corvette Assembly plant to watch them build the 2016 Corvette. You can purchase a raffle ticket monthly & have an opportunity to win a new Corvette. Raffles are limited to 1,000 & several winners drove them out the door of the Museum. For other Corvette Parts-Accessories and Corvette collectibles or just buying the complete Corvette-Please use the right side bar page generator. Corvette owners are special People. ;)
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