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1967-corvette-sting-ray-from-dream-to-reality-www.SS427.comIn 1967 at age 16 I was just wanting a car. Any car. Some thing to drive.  Dad finally signed for me one which was a 1963 Ford Falcon with the straight line six at about $450.00. It was a two door green and I kept that shined and looking pretty for Friday and Saturday nights drives to Steak and Shake where I was working. I held a job there at the St Louis Hampton S&S waiting on cars and carrying trays to get enough extra tips to add to my $1.50 and hour wage to make the payments and buy the 0.36 a gallon gas.

A Corvette club would regularly have a Corvette parade through the S&S lot just about every Friday and Saturday night around 8:00 or 9:00 showing their stuff and the roar of those low sleek cars had everyone in a trance daydreaming of owning their own some day. I was no exception. It is amazing that for just $6,000 back then you could have a brand new 1967 Corvette powered by the one of the most sought after engines. The 427 brute and those who had it, would like to show everyone that it would do all it claimed it would do by smoking up the lot.

The beginning of the c3 generation of Corvettes had begun and power was the name of the game. The 427 lead the pack until the government regulations of the early 1970s began reducing them and was finally dealt a death blow in the 1973 oil embargo. The c3 after that dropped in power to below  a measly 200 HP and the 427 was shelved to the disappointment of many Corvette and GM lovers. The 427 will always hold a special place in the hearts of those who loved the feel of it brute force and roaring sound.

The contrasts of the C3 Corvettes are extreme. The list price for a base Corvette in ’68 was $4,663. By ’82 the base price was $18,290.
In ’68 there were six different engines to choose from, two small-blocks and four big-blocks. By ’82 there was only one engine available. In ’68 there were four transmission choices, by ’82 there was one, the new four-speed automatic.

427 corvette engineBy the way I lost that 63 Ford Falcon at a street intersection when a 67 389 Pontiac Fire bird decided to use his section of the cross road as a drag strip. My younger brother was riding passenger as we passed through the intersection at about 30 miles an hour when we heard the screaming roar of glass packs to our right. We turned our heads just in time to see that indistinguishable Pontiac nose coming at us at about 60 miles an hour slamming hard into the right front side at the cowl with a deafening sound of destruction. It was a long eternity as my brother and I were slammed and thrown against each other banging and hitting the interior objects as the that little Ford falcon began it roll to the left.

When it stopped its fierce rolling my drivers door was open and wedged into the empty lot dirt and I was laying on the ground with my feet still inside the car. Pulling myself up with broken bones and bleeding cuts, I fearfully glanced inside looking for my little brother. He was already out side of the car after crawling through the broken door window holding a towel to his face that a good Samaritan had handed him. As he staggered around with blood streaming down his face and chest he yelled, "Hey I know You!" to the driver of the Fire-bird. Sure enough he came in regularly to the Steak and Shake where we worked. He was crippled from his youthful days and used hand controls built for his Fire bird. Police said he never used the brake as there was no skid marks. The image of that Pontiac nose coming at us like a raging bull will forever be implanted in our minds. As far as the Corvette I always dreamed of. I wasn't able to get with military, marriage and obligation s until 2005. I now have a 1976 Corvette and I am looking at another year, but most likely without the expensive and famed 427.






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