Corvette parts and accessories The c4 Corvette and new generation of high performance cars using the latest fuel injection system and digital gauges.

C4 Corvette


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 The c4 Corvette generation from 1984 to 1996 had matured into the electronic and computer age and Chevrolet gave it a mid-cycle styling update and a healthy increase in horse power due in part to injection systems and rounding out the body style.

Few cars have been more fervently rumored and eagerly anticipated than the fourth-generation c4 corvette. 1983 saw the first year no Corvettes were produced while GM moved the factory to Bowling Green Kentucky and produced its 30th anniversary, the awaited c4 was introduced to the waiting fans of another Corvette generation.

The c4 brought the flip up front end, flip up rear glass. The forward clam shell hood allowed full access to the engine compartment. Perhaps the most controversial element of the c4 was its futuristic digi-graphic instrument panel. Designers were striving for a hi-tech look, and they got it-though traditionalists yearned for their known round analog gauges they were familiar with and trusted more.

By 1986 a convertible cost more than a coupe at $32,032.00 vs $27,027 and the prices would continue to climb over the years.  Also to climb with it would be raw street horse power of over 600 HP.

c4 corvette

A New Generation



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