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The corvette exhaust system is responsible for evacuating and venting the spent gases and other byproducts of burned combustion from that high performance engine.They really become important as you add the acceleration to it creating huge amounts of gases that need to escape. If you consider the intake system, be it carburetor or computer fuel injection, as the "inhale device," then that exhaust system is the "exhale- escape route" creating the perfect engine breathing system. Simple logic tells us that easier breathing equates to more power and a better running engine with less residue left behind.

Americas Corvette offers a less expensive source for the high-quality foreign reproduction exhaust manifolds and OEM as well as the racing custom-welded tubular headers along with the gaskets, studs, and other requisite hardware needed to create a better exhaust system.

Sometimes changing the exhaust manifold or installing tubular exhaust headers on a big-block engine may, at first, seem to be a daunting task depending upon how old the Corvette is. However, it's not that hard if you do things in a logical order and use a little bolt buster spray solution, have the right tools, and take your time like a mater surgeon.

Before starting on to the installation procedures, lets consider a few words about safety: An integral part of this installation involves getting under your Corvette to disconnect the exhaust system from the manifolds and then reconnect the exhaust system to the new manifolds or headers. Wisdom dictates you never get under your Corvette (or any other vehicle) unless it is properly supported with jack stands. I remember two men in 1992 working under their car to remove the transmission while the wives went shopping. When they returned they found them both beneath the car to late to save.

Also remember that the hydraulic trolley jack is meant simply to elevate the vehicle, not support it once it is elevated. Theses jacks have been known to suddenly loose pressure and settle slowly or just drop. Nothing can ruin your day as quickly as having your Corvette come crashing down on you while you're underneath it! After all it was built for you to rest on and not for it to rest on you. 😉

Regardless of whether you're replacing manifolds or installing headers, the installation procedures for both are similar, and both are shown here. corvette manifoldIf you have the standard manifold you may want to consider headers as they allow much more breathing then congested manifolds will.

corvette duel exhausts
You definitely want to use duel exhausts as this increases the amount of expelled exhausts to one side rather than both at the same time. This is another great breathing addition coupled with the headers which can add up to 20 percent more power to your engine as well as keeping it cleaner since there are less trapped agents.

Side pipes are an option but they do have some function ans well as lots of character when addressing sports car and performance. This is a consideration if you want more show than just go but still get both if you are going the full route with headers, duel exhausts and side pipes. exhaust side pipes

After all you don't just drive a Corvette. You show the Public what it is made of and how a Corvette owner sees it as not just another car but, a classic sports car that can put those expensive European cars to shame. Also don't for get the large array of exhaust Chrome tips that allow that high performance mellow sound and looks.
exhaust tips

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