Orange Peel Problem

Tweet QUESTION: I sprayed my Corvette last weekend with Arctic white Acrylic urethane paint using an HVLP spray gun with 1.4 tip. I first sprayed the urethane coat following a coat of urethane 2k primer reduced to act as a sealer. I tried to followed all of th...

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Corvette Exhausts

Tweet The corvette exhaust system is responsible for evacuating and venting the spent gases and other byproducts of burned combustion from that high performance engine.They really become important as you add the acceleration to it creating huge amounts of gase...

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Floor Pan Repair c3

TweetCorvette Floor Pan Replacement Corvette Floor Pan Article Corvette bodies are made of rust free fiberglass and reinforced in some areas with steel floor pans. The floor pans are made of heavy gauge steel and when they reach restoration time you may find t...

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