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corvettes for sale Let me introduce myself.

My name is Lanny and I have about 34 years in the auto industry as an auto body technician and restoring old cars. Of course now that I am 58 years old I have an even more keen interest in old cars and that is why this web page along with several others across the Internet are mine .

My wife of 37 years and I live in Missouri close to Branson, the show capital of the world. I have owned my own auto body shop in the 1980s for 11 years and have a shop now at my home. I no longer do any work for others, but concentrate upon my personal Internet business with Hot Rods and Muscle Cars as my focus.

My wife and I are presently rebuilding a 1976 Corvette Coupe that we hope to have completed in the spring of 2009 and my son and I have just finished his chopper we built and painted here in the shop.

I hope to continue to add more new items for those searching for old cars, muscle cars and street rods as well as rat rods and Insurance to protect them your prize trophies.

As they say. "Don't crush them. Restore them."

Lanny Camden

My son Aaron on the Chopper

we built and I painted. This is also the 1976 Corvette we are restoring completely from frame up.

c3 corvette

used corvettes for sale

Our 1976 Corvette we are finishing on. We will be posting photos of the restoration sometime in August 2012.


When it is time to get away

A little relaxation in Michigan.

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